Albert's Dog Grooming & Care by appointment only, this can be done in the shop. When booking your appointment you will be asked a number of questions to help determine how long the appointment will need to be. Our prices are a guide prices are based on the time taken to groom a well behaved dog that is groomed regularly and with their coat in good condition. Please supply a current mobile telephone number as reminder texts will be sent out a day or two in advance of your appointment. Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment, arriving late may incur a late fee. Arriving more than 15 minutes after your appointment time may result in your appointment being cancelled and a charge being taken. If you cannot keep your appointment please provide 48 hours’ notice, last minute cancellations may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the grooming price, which would be payable before any further appointments could be booked. Please ensure that your dog has had chance to exercise and toilet before arriving for your appointment. Albert's Dog Grooming & Care reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that displays aggressive behaviour. If a dog’s coat is severely matted Albert's Dog Grooming & Care will only attempt to de-matt the coat for a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Albert's Dog Grooming & Care reserve the right to perform a complete clip off of the dog’s coat if the matting is severe enough to cause the dog discomfort and/or exceeds the 20 minute de-matting allowance. If a complete clip off needs to be performed Albert's Dog Grooming & Care will endeavour to notify you before doing so. However, if we cannot contact you and we believe the clip off is necessary on welfare grounds we will still undertake to clip off the coat. Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat. These charges will vary dependant on the time taken. Albert's Dog Grooming & Care reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that we deem too severely matted to safely carry out a clip off of the coat. If you fail to disclose information about any allergies and/or skin conditions Albert's Dog Grooming & Care will not be held responsible for any irritation, patchiness, abrasions or hair loss that may arise due to the grooming process. If you fail to disclose information regarding any physical and/or medical conditions (such as elbow or hip dysplasia, epilepsy etc.) Albert's Dog Grooming & Care will not be held responsible for any injury incurred during the grooming process. Albert's Dog Grooming & Care will not subject any dog to unacceptable levels of stress. If during the grooming process your dog finds any part of the grooming process too stressful that part will not be completed. If Albert's Dog Grooming & Care cannot complete the groom price reductions may be implemented. Any dog found to have a flea or tic infestation will be refused treatment and we will offer advice on removing them. If your dog requires urgent medical attention while in our care, Albert's Dog Grooming & Care reserve the right to seek veterinary attention at Goddard Veterinary Group, Walthamstow, any fees incurred will be payable by the dog’s owner. If you believe that a dog has been injured due to the grooming process you must seek veterinary advice within 24 hours. We will require a full written veterinary report stating the cause of injury being specific to the grooming process for us to accept any liability or negligence.Albert's Dog Grooming & Care carries public liability insurance. A collection time will be agreed with you when you leave your dog with us. Please contact us if you are going to be late. Failure to collect your dog at the arranged time, or notify us that you will be late, may incur a holding fee. All dogs must be collected by 5pm at the latest.Your dog may be photographed and any photographs may be used on our website, social media sites and any other promotional material to provide illustration of the work we carry out. Grooming appointments are payable by card only.Payment is required on collection of your dog. No credit is given.